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Raw Danger: Crisis Day
Crisis Day
A art title




Action, Adventure


Raw Danger

Raw Danger: Crisis Day goes to the same setting and timeline of the original Raw Danger but with a different player character a guy who works at a banking office Jimmy Calton. As Jimmy the player attempts to escape the city who was destroyed because of Natural disasters and zombie apocalypse.


At several points during Crisis Day, Dalton almost meets the protagonist of Raw Danger,Agent 07 but sometimes they met :Agent 07 and Cesar were seen by Dalton when in the Mission: Wet Disaster.

Jimmy Dalton is going to his job in a small town near the setting of Raw Danger's Intro he goes up to his office while the player might meet several office workers talking. When arriving at his desk and worked for a few minutes a office worker tells every workers that they must go to the lobby and watch the news. The news talks about a reporter who is reporting about a building who is destroyed bacause of an earthquake then the reporter dies because of an explosion in the house

After watching the news the lobby began to shake and explode, Dalton begans to run up to the highest floor (the building is low because it is underground)and go from the roof. After he escaped from the bank and comments that his clothes is making him hot so he went to PHAT Clothing and change his clothes

After he change his threads he runs up the roof an earthquake makes a crane a bridge so Dalton can cross the building after that he met a survivor and they attack Dalton. He picks up a gun that is thrown in the street and shoot the zombies. After that he wants to cross a bridge but some obstacles preventing him to do it so he goes through the tunnel

He walks to a street near mexico jail and saw a van driving and an explosion after that. He witnesses Agent 07 and Cesar an earthquake happens near him and objects are scattered to the streets. He bumped to some police officers that Agent 07 met in the original Raw Danger and Dalton kills him all.

Jimmy went to the city, then another earthquake happens so he runs to an alley but getting himself trapped with zombies. Dalton manages to get out of the alley and going to a highway. in the highway he bumped into some HECU Guards and a helicopter, Jimmy destroys the helicopter, kills the Guards and manages to go across the highway,

In the Hospital he met Dr.Carter who ask Jimmy if he can bring back his abulance so they both can escape the city, Jimmy got the ambulance and brought it to Dr.Carter.

They got to a lonely street and Jimmy saw a portal, Jimmy goes to the portal and was teleported to Pentagon, where he saw Agent 07 escape, and encounters 2 zombies


Jimmy Dalton

Age: 25


Woman Helper

Age ;20

Job Banker






Job:Shop Owner



The first weapon found, used to kill the 2 zombies

Tec 9

A weapon that can be aqcuired from an enemy if dead

Shotgun (Remington)

A strong weapon, very rare found


The same power as the tec-9 but faster in speed


As the mission's unfinished no further information is known