Dead rising srcipt


(Cutscene)Chuck:My name is chuck,i escape from fortune city and go to san andreas My daughter katie is in San diego with her uncle,i want visit him this day(Cutscene end)

(Mission:Get out From house)

(Mission:Get in your car and go to airport)

(Airport Cutscene)

Voice:All passengger who want to go san diego must go to plane now,before take off

Chuck:I must fast

Pilot:Lest go

(Explosion Cutscene)

Yakuza Member:Shit,Zombie attack

Chuck:This Cant be happen again

Yakuza member:Zombie upstair

(Mission:Kill all zombie)

Mission Complete

Airport BattleEdit

(Cutscene)Chuck:I must go to airport rooftop and find a plane(Cutscene end)

(Cutscene Chuck found survivor)Chuck:Mr,we must get out from here

????:How dare you ask me to get out from here!

Chuck:What are you doing?

????:Shot zombie and survive

Chuck:By the way,what is your name?

Usher:My name is usher,famous rapper i want go to LS but the zombie is here,help me kill them(Cutscene end)

(Mission kill zombie)

Usher:Thanks kid

(Mission to proceed to next area)

Sullivan:Hey,kid get up here ,Help me kill zombie and i will follow you

(mission kill all zombie)

Sullivan:Thanks kid

(Mission to get out from airport)

Mission complete